Guidelines to Pass CeMAP 3

Published: 22nd July 2009
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1. Put yourself in someone else's shoes after reading the question. It can be a mortgage broker or a building society manager. Imagine yourself in that person's shoes and then try to answer the question.
2. Though your own product range helps you, always think generic products as the exam is based around generic products not specific ones which you may deal with.
3. CeMAP questions do not use adventurous policies that exist in the market. They usually use very cautious lending policies.
4. Be conscious of all the 3 sections.
5. You have 2 hours to complete your whole paper, i.e. 6 case studies all consisting of 10 multiple choice questions, so we suggest 20 minutes on each case study.
6. Rework on your calculations before submitting the paper.
7. Make a note of key words and phrases from the case study and then try to tackle the questions.
8. endeavor Mind mapping, to make Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules easier to study
9. Certainly, omit those questions you don't know the answer initially and return to them before you move onto the next case study.
10. Always keep in mind standard multiple choice question strategies and read the question twice without peeping at the answers.
11. Always relate the question back to the case study information as this will help you enormously.
12. In CeMAP 3 paper, a lot of questions link to the next question. For instance, the first question can ask you to choose an appropriate product. The next question will ask a question related to that product. At times, if you're not sure of the answer to question one, also the question likely answers to question 2 may run their memory. So it's an excellent idea to view the other questions for hints at the answers to others.
13. For every question with CeMAP use elimination as it is the finest technique going and can always lead you to an answer that you weren't too sure of. Even if you are quite sure of the answer, eliminate the wrong answers as this helps you to keep concentration going.
14. Jot down the key information in a blank piece of paper as you read the case study and always keep yourself active during the exam, this helps in concentration.
15. Keep in mind the methods and older mortgage schemes appear in the exam. For instance, stabilized and low start mortgages haven't been sold since the early 90's but people may still have them and thus they are tested.
16. Try to forget the last case study completely from your mind, before you proceed to the next one.

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